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I graduated in 1964 from the best design school anywhere, the Art Center College of Design. After an apprenticeship at Ford Styling in Dearborn and Cologne, Germany, I was hired by Volkswagen to help them start their own styling department after the Beetle was killed off by US safety regulations. Afterwards, in 1977, my wife and I moved to this lovely Gulfcoast barrier island where I took to designing cottage renovations and luxury homes, interiors, and landscaping.

As an avid student of philosophy for 50 years, I am a compulsive analyzer, and I soon found myself compiling an entirely unique landscape philosophy that unites the value of indigenous vegetation with exotics without compromising the environment. You will see some examples here—just one of the array of skills I have honed over the years and which I am offering that could help you get the most value out of a present or future project.

Such skills are not free, but nor are they expensive as long as you avoid the flash and glam you see from the corporate level. The fundamental goal of designs, drawings, or illustrations is to maximize the value one can get out of whatever budget, however low or high.


1. Home Renovation and New Residence DesignHome | Top
2. Low End to High End Interior Design & Furnishings
3. Custom Furniture or Cabinetry Design & Fabrication
4. Native Landscape Design & Installation
5. 2D Drawings for Plans and Permit Applications
6. Interactive 3D Sketches & Construction Drawings
7. 3D Color Renderings for Presentations
8. Photoshop Visualizations of Ideas & Proposals


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